The Who Question

Who are we?

We are group of adult men who share an interest in naturism/nudism.

We are young, old, gay, straight, tall, short, employed, retired and in school, etc... but all PROUDLY NAKED men.

Our first gathering was January 1997, as the Buck Naked Boys of Edmonton, and we have been meeting regularly since then. As of December 2012, we are expanding to be the Buck Naked Boys Club of Alberta with events anywhere in the province.

We have no formal membership, bylaws or dues. Our focus is enjoyment of the freedom, pleasure and comfort of just being naked. We are NOT a sex club. Anyone on our email list receives a monthly Newsletter and is considered a member. Contact us to get on the list.

And most of us have NO tan lines.

The What Question

What is Naturism?

Naturism (also referred to nudism) involves an increased comfort with our bodies, a personal enjoyment of being naked in a non-sexual social setting. Naturism has little to do with: how old you are; whether thin or plump or hairy or smooth; what color your skin is; or how hung you are.

The Where Question

Where do we meet?

We meet often at the homes of members who have voluntered to host, often including a potluck dinner, games nights, a hot tub or sauna.

We meet several times a year at a private rural resort for a full weekend which is a great outdoor experience in the summer and a great indoor experience anytime.

Special event and private home locations and directions are not posted on the web page, but are distributed via our once-monthly e-mail Newsletter.

The When Question

When do we meet?

We usually have several events planned for every month. Details of these events are published in our monthly Newsletter which is distributed by email. To receive this newsletter, contact us and request to be put on the mailing list.

The Why Question

Why get naked?

Duh.....'cause it FUN!!!!!!!

And you get a great tan.

The How Questions

How do I join?

There is no formal membership list. We do use the word 'member' but mostly as a reference to regular attendees or being on the email list. Attendance at any BNBC is by individual choice. Come as often as you are able. We find word-of-mouth to be our best advertising - so please tell a friend.

How do we communicate?

BNBC has no formal membership register, so your privacy is protected. One organizer maintains an e-mail mailing list. A monthly newsletter letter is e-mailed. E-mail addresses are not shared and e-mails are sent via Blind Courtesy Copy (BCC) so no others see your address. We do not send out letter mail.

How do I get on the e-mail list?

Send us an email from the link at the top of this page, requesting to be added to our distribution list.

And now...

the top three most frequently asked questions.

What if I am nervous or shy?

Then perhaps we could arrange a one-on-one coffee date to meet another BNBC attendee BEFORE attending a naked event.

It's nice to know at least ONE individual and be introduced to others at a first event. So far we haven't found a Tim Horton's that will serve us in the nude, so you get to keep you clothes on for this date.

What if I get an erection?

BNBC provides a non-sexual atmosphere so guys seldom get an erection. If you do sport some wood, it will naturally go away. Will anybody notice? Maybe. But just hide it with your towel if you are self-conscious.

And besides, in a room full of 20 naked men, you can bet that all eyes are NOT on you. (A sad truth that needs to be stated.)

We did have one attendee who bragged his cock ALWAYS pointed at his belly button.... but he usually passed out after 15 minutes hanging up-side-down.

Must I get naked?

YES, all BNBC events allow for an initial few minutes to stow your gear then it's strip down until the conclusion of the event.

Hats and shoes and sun screen are minimal exceptions to prevent over exposure to the elements. The rule for tattoos or piercings is 'wear em if you have em.'