What to Expect at a BNBC Event

Welcome to the Buck Naked Boys Club!

The club wishes to make you familiar with a few guidelines to enhance your comfort and enjoyment of your time with us.

Dress code, as always, is naked, from minutes after you arrive to minutes before you leave. Exceptions, of course, are shoes for walking, a hat and shirt for over-exposure to the sun, an apron for cooking, etc. Naturist etiquette is to bring and carry a towel with you. Use the towel for sitting on furniture or deck chairs.

Comfortable and respectful environment means we view touching of any kind as a personal matter. We respect each other and our right to our bodies. Touching, without the expressed permission of the receiver is not permitted. The club understands sexual touching without consent to be criminal assault. Anyone with concerns should bring those concerns to the attention of the Event Host so it can be dealt with for everyone's comfort. Hugging - Cuddling together to watch a movie; in the hot tub; bodies rubbing past each other; and a general touchy-feely atmosphere is considered a desirable part of our gatherings. If you are uncomfortable with this, do make your personal limits known and they will be respected.

Photography - It is fine to take pictures but only after you have the permission of everyone involved. Photographs are considered for private use. If you are considering posting digital images to the internet, be sure to have EXPRESSED consent for those in the picture.

Privacy - If you feel uncomfortable answering any question anyone might ask you, then do not answer. Non-sexual environment means no sexual activity is permitted in common space among members of the group. No sexual touching or heavy petting is permitted anywhere that is not private space.

BYO Booze - The social consumption of alcoholic beverages is within our normal practice. Heavy drinking and drunkenness is strongly discouraged.

Non-smoking courtesy applies to the inside of buildings, hot tub/deck areas, and meal times. You are welcome to smoke on outdoor under-roof deck areas or around the grounds. Please do not throw your butts on the ground. In respect for the environment, please put your butts in the various butt cans provided.

Playing Games - Cards, board games, bocce ball, cricket, horseshoes, volleyball, charades, and even yoga and massage lessons are encouraged. Volunteer - feel free to get things started. Playing strongly by the rules is discouraged because bending the rules is more fun. After all, we are here to be naked and have fun.

Sanitation - For the health and well-being of all participants, please shower before using the hot tub and use your personal towel when sitting. Remember, no peeing on the grass... though the trunks of trees well away from the buildings are considered fair game! No animals are allowed inside lodge buildings.

Occasionally an attendee will bring a well-socialized pet for a day outing. Please be considerate of others attending as to allergies or fears.