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August 2022

Posted 8/1/2022

Hi Guys: Please find included your August 2022 newsletter. Nakedly yours Fred.

1) Calendar of Upcoming Events
2) General Update:
     A) BNBC News
     B) Cottontail Corner 
     C) Lazy M Lodge 
     D) World Naked Bike Ride Edmonton
     E) Other Nudist Events & Places (Campino NaturalGet Naked BanffEagle Creek Camping)
     F) Services / Classifieds
     G) Fred’s Info and Updates

UPCOMING EVENTS: (see the appropriate General Update section for more info on each event):

I, Eric, was hoping to include an imbedded calendar of events. Unfortunately with the free version of MailChimp we use that does not seem possible. I have instead included an image of this month with a link to the calendar to see events past the current month (click the calendar or the link above it).
Unfortunately I am not sure items can be colour coded like I had in the list. I have included an upcoming events list summary for each section in the appropriate General Updates section as well.
Before getting into the specific updates, a couple Facebook groups have posted about a petition to to make nonsexual public nudity legal. More information is under World Naked Bike Ride section.
Link to petition (sign by September 8):

A) BNBC News:


  • BNBC/Fred's open house (at Fred's place in Lamont):
    • Sunday August 14
    • Sunday September 18
    • Sunday October 2
  • Future Potlucks (by Eric)

My house has been under renovations for a while, it is near some level of completion. Depending on any unforeseen factors, I may have the place ready to host by October 2022. Anyone else who is interested in hosting the potlucks, please let Fred know through the BNBC email.

  • Newsletter Questions/Related (by Fred)

Several times a month, I get an email to: Most of the time it is someone asking for their email address be added to the list so they will get the monthly newsletter. Normally when I get back to them, I emphasize that they should see the newsletter within 3 or 4 days after the first day of each month. If you do not have it, then get back to me. Our newsletter goes to around 300 addresses each month. We use Mailchimp, so if you receive something from Mailchimp, it is not garbage that requires use of the delete key, it is your BNBC Newsletter.  Mailchimp has been working great for us. There have been several comments about members reluctance to send a copy of our newsletter to someone. I trust your judgement, send it to them!  Also, anyone that has information that you feel should be in the newsletter, please let me know. If you have any questions, then do ask and do not be shy about sending several emails about whatever. Also, start thinking of our newsletter as more of a group newspaper. If you DO NOT want the newsletter into the future, please email me and it will stop.

  • Fred’s Acreage (by Fred)

When I sit back and analyze and appreciate what I have with my acreage, I can walk around anywhere on my acreage and anyone who has a camera would find it very difficult to take a picture of any nudity without major trespassing on the acreages around me where no one lives. The house is spacious enough combined with the back deck and then the grass on the acreage, we have good air circulation and lots of space to maintain social distancing.  I am planning to have an open house day, starting at noon on a Sunday every month on my acreage until the snow comes back again.  Dates: July 10, August 14, Sept 18, Oct 2, and then maybe we can have potluck dinner parties at members’ homes in Edmonton during the winter, like we used to do for many years. [See “Fred’s Update” on directions and more information]

I want anyone planning to drive out to Lamont for the day of an open house as outlined above to call me before you leave your home, and then, I might ask you to call someone who is looking for a ride for the day.  On the other side of the question, anyone who would like to attend but is not able to drive their own car also call me in the morning so I can match you with someone planning to drive out for the day. Bring your own food and beverages for yourself.

  • Potluck & Newsletter Poll (by Eric)

In planning for the return of the potlucks (in Edmonton), I would like member's input into which night is preferred. I have thus created a short 4 5 6 question anonymous poll that also includes your thoughts on changes to the newsletter. (Seemed to be as I worked through changes to this month's newsletter more input questions came to mind. There is a question for feedback, feel free to include there your guess which questions I added along the way.)
I used google forms, though you should not need google account to access it: 


B) CottonTail Corner News 


  • Nude Swim (at Hardisty pool, Edmonton):
    • Saturday August 20, 2022
    • Saturday September 17, 2022
    • Saturday October 15, 2022
    • Saturday November 12, 2022
    • Saturday December 17, 2022
    • Saturday January 14, 2023 
    • Saturday February 11, 2023
    • Saturday March 18, 2023
    • Saturday April 15, 2023


  • CottonTail Corner Beach By Devon IMPORTANT information (by Eric)

Over this past year or so there have been a number of changes around the beach. The past couple newsletters mentioned a bulk of what was happening. John with CottonTail Corner has done a lot of work with the landowner. This newsletter I provide only two important pieces. One from Facebook group ( from July 28:

  • "Good afternoon everyone.
    So…I’ve been fielding angry emails, phone calls and texts all morning from people who seem to believe that I’ve ‘sold out’ CottonTail Corner with this agreement with the landowner.
    Just so we’re all on the same page: The ONLY area that is Crown Land is the riverbed. Every bit of land above that is the landowners property. There are no ‘setback rights’, or public access across private land to reach Crown Land.
    Without this agreement I have made with the landowner, the ENTIRE property would be off limits and eventually fenced in. There would be no access to any of the path. The only way to get to CottonTail Corner would be by walking through the water. And anyone caught on any of her property would be charged with trespassing.
    For those people who have said that we have lost almost the entire beach…from where the sandbar starts at the beginning of the corner which is where you can start going nude, to where the No nudity sign will be placed (last sign being moved as the landowner has agreed to give us another 120 yards of land) is 1450 feet. This gives people going to CTC more than enough room to spread out.
    That’s it. Plain and simple. For all those people today that have left me hate mail, or posted on the page their displeasure…I’m sorry I’m not your favourite person, but I did what I had to do to let Cottontail Corner survive.

and one from the CottontailCorner website (

  • "Directions
    From the City of Edmonton, take Highway 16A west to Highway 60. Go south to Gramina Road (Township Road 511), which is the turnoff to Prospector's Point just before the Devon Bridge.  Turn right (west), and then immediately turn left (south) again on Prospector's Point Road.  Do not turn off this road! Follow it all the way down into the river valley to the parking lot.
    From the parking lot, start walking upstream.  PLEASE STAY CLOTHED ON THE TRAIL!   There is a lower path going through the trees.  Please follow that to get to CottonTail Corner.  There are signs posted along the path.  At the end of CottonTail Corner there is a sign that states:  NO NUDITY BEYOND THIS POINT.
    Please do not go past that point while nude.  We have an agreement with the landowner to respect her, and her family's, privacy beyond there.
    If you are confused about land use rights, please refer to the: Alberta Water and Property Boundaries"
Please help ensure the beach is there for future use by abiding by the rules. There are signs up with QR codes that link to more information. If you see anyone breaking the rules, please be kind and inform them of the rules. Many of us enjoy the beach, and the fact that there is one so close to Edmonton. 
  • Swims (by Fred, edited by Eric)

For naked swims, we do have a connection with John at the Cottontail Corner website and Facebook page as listed in “Contact Info”. Go there for current information. The dates for the swims are listed above. Naked swims in Edmonton are typically held at the Hardisty Pool from 7 to 9 pm. Cost is $15/person. Tickets are available at the door, or “purchased by sending $15/person to along with your names and transfer password.” (From their Facebook page)

  • Other Events (by Eric)

CottonTail Corner also advertises and hosts other events, posted on their Facebook page or website.
Past events (that I know of) have included: - Nude Arcade night, - Nude Camping, - Nude Scuba lessons, Nude Spa Night, - Nude Yoga. All their events are co-ed. 


C) Lazy M Lodge


  • Wruffinit Summer camp: August 5-7
  • Kink Kamp: August 19-21
  • BNBC weekend: October 28-30


  • BNBC Weekend (by Fred)
At Lazy M Lodge, there is 1 date left to note for 2022: October 28-30. Google LazyMLodge for their webpage. If you have never been there before, most guys arrive by their own vehicle sometime on Friday afternoon (I immediately get into the hot tub to relax after the drive of more than 3 hours). The evening meal is on the table about 7 pm. On Saturday, brunch is about 11 am and then the evening meal is the same as Friday. On Sunday, brunch is about 11 am. After brunch guys start to depart with everybody gone by mid-afternoon. There is no evening meal. The food is GREAT.  The Lodge décor is rustic. The beds and bathrooms are excellent. Free WIFI. You have the option of bringing your own RV, trailer, or your own tent so you do not pay for a room rental on top of the meal charge.  Anyone interested in carpooling, do give me a call. Into the future, I will be driving a Mercury Grand Marquis that is old enough that it is large like a limo.
  • Other Weekend Events (via email from Lazy M Lodge Hosts Randy & Marcel)
"This summer....
   We are the ' Host location only, ' please book with the event you want to attend. 
. . .
  Aug 5-7   Wruffinit Summer camp

  Aug 19-21  Kink Kamp 

Your Hosts: Randy McGhee [&] Marcel Gour. 1-866-382-5299"
D) World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Edmonton (by Eric)  

E) Other Nudist Events & Places (by Eric)

The following information came across my Facebook feed. I personally have not checked them all out beyond their websites listed below. Any feedback on them would be appreciated. Please email Fred at the BNBC email in the contact information, or talk to Fred or myself (Eric) if you see us at one of the events (e.g. at Fred's place or swims). 

  • Campino Natural - Adult Nudist Camping (  Since I learned about this place their website has been updated. From their updated website: 

         "Campino Natural welcomes singles and couples of all orientations to our paradise, we commonly call our ‘lil’ spot.   With many years on this piece of land,  We have worked hard to build a non-discriminatory environment in order to allow all to enjoy what comes naturally.
    Campino Natural - Just 5 minutes outside Sherwood Park, AB"

    They have Day & Evening passes (from $40/person), to Camping (from $120/couple/night), to Glamping (from $230/couple/night). There is limited space though. 

  • Get Naked Banff ( From their  website:

         "Created to reconnect Canadians with nature and inspired by Naked Hiking Day, GET NAKED BANFF! strives to bring unique and amazing opportunities to Canadians who prefer to enjoy nature the most natural way. What better place than the crown jewel of Canada's national park system?
    ‚Äč     GET NAKED BANFF! promotes nude recreation by openly hosting clothing-optional recreational activities in amazingly beautiful locations. Skinny dipping is empowering, natural, and practiced by countless Canadians every single year. It's a completely normal form of recreation, its boring to watch, and we don't believe it needs to be hidden away in undesirable swimming holes."

    From their Facebook page it appears that their Naked Hike on July 23 did not go well: 
    • "Update: at 2:15 2 RCMP officers and a park warden showed up and deemed this to be an illegal activity. We obviously do not agree.
      They were courteous and professional, asked us to get dressed, and we happily complied. This is the responsible and correct response by our group when the police make a request, even when you disagree.
      They also stated quite clearly that female toplessness is also a crime, which we also disagree with.
      We will be following up and continue to work to get a standard application of the law. We firmly believe the responding officers injected their personal beliefs above and beyond today.
      Thanks to everyone that was a part of this amazing experience! We started off with naked Frisbee in case this happened. Scratch that one off the bucket list!!" 
    • Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday August 13
    • Fireside Fetish - Camping weekend: August 26-28
    • Labour Gay Weekend Party: Saturday September 3
    • Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday September 10
  • [I (Eric) was at their site this past July long weekend (hence the slightly late newsletter). They are talking about adding a nudist camping area to their site in the future (how near I am not too sure), which is why I am adding some of their information to the newsletter. Although they advertise as a Gay campground, straight (LGBTQ+ friendly) people are also welcome.]
  • "Eagle Creek Campground & Event Centre is a gay space!
    Our community is made up of amazing permanent site tenants along with members that join us for shorter stays. Membership is required to access the property and is open to anyone over the age of 18." (from their website
    "Eagle Creek is a private membership based, recreational campground open to the LGBTQ+ community! Offering seasonal sites and short stay accommodations to city escape focused friends. That’s right! Alberta has a gay campground!"  (from Facebook)

    Events (full list from their website:  



F) Services / Classifieds 

  • Massage Therapist (by Fred)

In the past, BNBC had a relationship with a massage therapist and then something went astray with Covid or whatever. We are now restarting with Raulywellness, who offers draped and undraped massage at different rates which can be found on his website at He also provides student rates for students enrolled in school. He specializes in relaxation, therapeutic deep tissue massage and more. Also, he now offers personal steam treatment which is separate from massage and must be booked at separate times on his website. All bookings must be made at least 24 hours beforehand and not at the last minute. He is licensed and has 3000 hours of training. He is of Caribbean decent and a member of the LGBTQ community.  Clients can book appointments through his website and if they have any trouble, you can text or call him at 780 217 5603 or use email at His address is in northeast Edmonton, a few blocks from the Commonwealth Stadium.

  • Room for Rent in Edmonton (by Eric)

    With my renovations complete, I have a room available to rent in my house. It is semi-furnished. There are 3 others living in the house (myself and two other men, both accept my nudism, though do not partake). My house is in the Ottewell neighbourhood of Edmonton. Email me for more information: 


G) Fred’s Update / Information

  • Life Update (by Fred)

My Medical Doctor is a good friend of mine since I met him when I first moved to Edmonton in 1994, and he had a brand new Medical Degree.  My last visit on July 4 was a regular checkup which I have every 3 to 4 months.  He introduced me to a new program that I feel is a great idea.  It uses a dark green plastic envelope like you can use in a 3 ring binder for regular 8.5 by 11 paper.  In this envelope you put information like your Health Care Number, medications, info about next of kin, a statement of yours like a Do Not resuscitate order, a Legal WILL, who is the executor of it, married? to who, etc.  Passport, etc etc 
    You attach this envelope so it is in plain view of anyone who enters your house like your refrigerator.  Ambulance, police etc  They immediately have access to a lot of information that can make them a lot more valuable to you.  

One needs a lawyer to do a proper Will so I asked my Doctor for a recommendation.  He is a great lawyer.

I told him my story about my homphobic assault with the BS story about my criminal record that I do not have etc that led to my eviction from my acreage etc.  He explained everything that could be done but arrived at the conclusion to just walk away.  I could sue and probably get a lot of money but after paying all the fees and lawyer bills and years of hassle etc I will not have accomplished anything.  That gave me permission to just walk away and that is a great relief.  Before all the eviction and moving BS I was enjoying a wonderful, sexual, loving relationship where both of us were experiencing great LOVE for the first time for both of us.  He stated he was ready to live with me as a married couple for ever and ever, however, he needed to go to the States and look after his mother with a hip replacement.  She was now fine and he was just about back in my arms and then the phone rang that she had died so he needed to look after the estate etc.  He is now adamant that he has everything in order and will be walking into my house on August 4, never to leave.  You can meet him at my next open house on August 14  

  • Reflection on Pope's visit to Canada (by Fred)

The Pope has made his trip to Canada to apologize for the actions of the Catholic Church in the operation of residential schools that seized or stole or forced native children to attend for the purpose of turning them into citizens of Canada modeled after the culture of England.  This was a program of the Canadian Government and I feel it was the failure of the Government 's supervision, not the Catholic Church, that was at fault and it is the Canadian government that needs to be apologizing for what happened, not the Catholic Church.

There is a comment often used not to shoot the messenger but shoot the source of the bad news.


A good friend of mine was very much a Catholic girl in every way.  She was a trained social worker, and worked for Catholic social services in St. Albert.  She became aware that the local priest was sexually abusing young people who were in programs in the local church.  She felt that this was a very serious matter and she went to her Bishop to make him aware.  His response was, "Shut the Fuck Up" to this very serious matter. She has not been able to work since.  It totally destroyed her.  She accessed counseling for assistance to deal with her trauma.  She was a lesbian working for Catholic Social Services who hit on her.  A double assault.

When I first realized that I was a "gay man", the first man I got to know was a Cathoilic Priest working for the Canadian military.  This was in Wainwright Alberta, the home of Canadian Forces Base Wainwright.  We developed a  friendship but not a boyfriend one.  Soon after, he fell into a depression and could no longer work.  He was aware as most priests are, that about one third of priests are sexually assaulting the young people who do volunteer work for the Church.  Little Johnnie is not going to rush home and tell his mommy that he lost his virginity today to the Church Priest.  However, the secret will get out eventually and soon the priest needs to be moved to another Church far away to prey on a new number of kids.  My friend left the Catholic Church.  He was very well trained in subjects needed to be a good counsellor or priest.  He was offered a job by the Anglican Church which he accepted.

With my 20 years of "Sunday Night Group", there was lots of anger shared by the sexual assault victims, retired priests and active priests.  This has been going on for decades.  The Catholic church of sexually molesting priests and their victims.  There is not a country anywhere in the world, to my knowledge that has charged the Catholic Church for their sex crimes.  Is the next big apology of Pope Francis be for sex abuse by the church and stop it.


The Pope before Francis resigned as a Pope.  Popes do not resign, they die in office and always have.  I feel everybody should know why the last one resigned.
A number of years ago, a journalism student, with very good marks, had a brand new diploma from Harvard, as I recall.   She was looking for a story she could use to display her skills to the world and advance her career. Someone mentioned something about Catholic Priests sexually assaulting volunteers in the Church.  She thought she might be able to find a couple of offenders.  She found thousands.  The Pope before Francis worked for many years in Church administration organizing the moving of priests all over the world.  Most, if not all the time, a priest was moved because his reputation about many little Johnnys losing their virginity had become a big story.  He would then be moved somewhere else.
The Journalist's story had made all this public to the world.  People who make documentary movies were inquiring and they had money to do it.  If the documentary was selected to win an Oscar or other award!!!  This would get a lot of attention, bad attention, brought to the current Pope, so he resigned.  I understand he is now living in the Vatican.  If he goes for a walk and one toenail crosses the border and into Italy, then he could enjoy secure housing (jail) for the rest of his life. 
My current understanding is that there is not a country in the world that has ever arrested a priest for his serious crimes.  The Church's success at hiding these crimes makes them the biggest criminal organization in the world.


  • DIRECTIONS TO MY ACREAGE (by Fred, photo & link added by Eric)

A couple of addresses that Google Maps should respond to is my Municipal Address is 194057A TWP RD 553. My legal land description is NW-17-55-19-4. Google does not recognize either address. The fact that my Postal Box number is 553 has no connection to my Municipal address. Therefore, find Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Then, go east on Highway 15 towards Lamont. When you are getting close to Lamont, you will see a huge Pioneer Grain Elevator to your left. Now looking further east down the road you will see a sign for an ESSO gas station that is at the side of the highway. Now pretend that you are in position to fill up your car with gas or if you need gas then do pull in and fill up. Look around, if you see residential houses across the highway and the train tracks, you are looking north. Now if you look south,  you will be looking at my house. There are no other houses near my house.  

[By Eric] Link (should work for both Google and Apple maps): 53°45'34.7"N 112°47'39.0"W
Photo to help: