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July 2022

Posted 7/7/2022

Hi Guys: Please find included your July 2022 newsletter. Nakedly yours Fred.

1) Upcoming Events
2) General Update:
     A) BNBC News
     B) Cottontail Corner 
     C) Lazy M Lodge 
     D) World Naked Bike Ride Edmonton
     E) Other Nudist Events & Places (Campino NaturalGet Naked BanffEagle Creek Camping)
     F) Services / Classifieds
     G) Fred’s Info and Updates

UPCOMING EVENTS: (see the appropriate General Update section for more info on each event):
  • JULY:
    • BNBC/Fred's open house: Sunday July 10, at Fred's place in Lamont 
    • CottonTail Corner Nude Camping: July 8-10 (booking closed June 30)
    • CottonTail Corner Nude Archery (Edmonton): Cancelled / postponed
    • Lazy M Lodge Adult Only Summer Camp: July 15-17
    • CottonTail Corner Nude Swim (Edmonton): Sunday July 16 at Hardisty pool
    • Eagle Creek Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday July 16
    • Lazy M Lodge FAB Great Canadian Bear Campout: July 22-24
    • World Naked Bike Ride (Edmonton): Saturday July 23
    • Get Naked Banff - Lake Louise Day Trip: Saturday July 23
    • Eagle Creek Totally Gay Eighties Party: Saturday July 30
    • Lazy M Lodge Wruffinit Summer camp: August 5-7
    • Eagle Creek Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday August 13
    • BNBC/Fred's open house: Sunday August 14, at Fred's place in Lamont 
    • Lazy M Lodge Kink Kamp: August 19-21
    • CottonTail Corner Nude Swim (Edmonton): Sunday August 20 at Hardisty pool
    • Eagle Creek Fireside Fetish - Camping weekend: August 26-28
    • Eagle Creek Labour Gay Weekend Party: Saturday September 3
    • Eagle Creek Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday September 10
    • BNBC/Fred's open house: Sunday September 18, at Fred's place in Lamont 
    • BNBC/Fred's open house: Sunday October 2, at Fred's place in Lamont 
    • Lazy M Lodge BNBC weekend: October 28-30
Before getting into the specific updates, a couple Facebook groups have posted about a petition to to make nonsexual public nudity legal. More information is under World Naked Bike Ride section.
Link to petition (sign by September 8):

A) BNBC News:

  • Future Potlucks (by Eric)

My house has been under renovations for a while, it is near some level of completion. Depending on any unforeseen factors, I may have the place ready to host by September 2022. Anyone else who is interested in hosting the potlucks, please let Fred know through the BNBC email.

  • Newsletter Questions/Related (by Fred)

Several times a month, I get an email to: Most of the time it is someone asking for their email address be added to the list so they will get the monthly newsletter. Normally when I get back to them, I emphasize that they should see the newsletter within 3 or 4 days after the first day of each month. If you do not have it, then get back to me. Our newsletter goes to around 300 addresses each month. We use Mailchimp, so if you receive something from Mailchip, it is not garbage that requires use of the delete key, it is your BNBC Newsletter.  Mailchimp has been working great for us. There have been several comments about members reluctance to send a copy of our newsletter to someone. I trust your judgement, send it to them!  Also, anyone that has information that you feel should be in the newsletter, please let me know. If you have any questions, then do ask and do not be shy about sending several emails about whatever. Also, start thinking of our newsletter as more of a group newspaper. If you DO NOT want the newsletter into the future, please email me and it will stop.

  • Fred’s Acreage (by Fred)

When I sit back and analyze and appreciate what I have with my acreage, I can walk around anywhere on my acreage and anyone who has a camera would find it very difficult to take a picture of any nudity without major trespassing on the acreages around me where no one lives. The house is spacious enough combined with the back deck and then the grass on the acreage, we have good air circulation and lots of space to maintain social distancing.  I am planning to have an open house day, starting at noon on a Sunday every month on my acreage until the snow comes back again.  Dates: July 10, August 14, Sept 18, Oct 2, and then maybe we can have potluck dinner parties at members’ homes in Edmonton during the winter, like we used to do for many years. [See “Fred’s Update” on directions and more information]

I want anyone planning to drive out to Lamont for the day of an open house as outlined above to call me before you leave your home, and then, I might ask you to call someone who is looking for a ride for the day.  On the other side of the question, anyone who would like to attend but is not able to drive their own car also call me in the morning so I can match you with someone planning to drive out for the day. Bring your own food and beverages for yourself.

B) CottonTail Corner News 

  • CottonTail Corner Beach By Devon IMPORTANT information (from CottonTail Corner Facebook, edited by Eric)

From Monday May 30:
     "We have come to an understanding with the land owner regarding passage along the trail to CottonTail Corner.  
     As a TRIAL RUN, for this summer, they will allow access to the beach along the trail provided users  do a few simple things.  

  1. And this is the most important one….please stay clothed while on the path and only disrobe once you get to the beach.  This also goes for the return trip. 
  2. Keep the path and beach clean.  If you see garbage, pick it up and pack it out. 
  3. Some people are of the belief that Crown Land goes from the shore to 100 feet into the trees.   This is incorrect. The Surveys Act and the owners property report shows their land goes right from the edge of the bed and shore of the river, uphill, both sides of the fence and all the land behind it.  Stay out of the field. They are making a HUGE concession in allowing us to access their property.  Respect their land.  
  4. Stop the vandalism of the ‘no tresspassing/private property’ signs. They have had multiple signs vandalized by people using the path while going upstream. They have the right to post those signs.
  5. If you encounter a sign on the beach that says ‘children playing’ please don’t go any further.  The landowner and extended family will be using the beach past that point. There is enough beach for us all to enjoy. 

     There it is…Five simple rules to follow. 
     Stay on the path, don’t go through any gates, as there will be livestock coming into the property. The dangerous sections of the path will be dealt with over the summer for safe passage. 
     This is for this summer only and the CottonTail Corner Admin Team and the land owner will reevaluate how the summer went, and if any changes will be made.  
     If people do not behave themselves, they will restrict all access with fencing.  
    We don’t believe we need to tell you what an incredible opportunity this is.  We will be putting up the necessary signs ASAP.
     - John"

From Wednesday June 1:
     "The landowner has requested that we develop a core group of people that regularly frequent CottonTail Corner to help stop any untoward activity that seems to be happening in the bushes.  
     The landowner is concerned as her family, including  young grandchildren will be on the property and don’t want them coming across any such activity.  
     However, if we can curtail such activity, there could be some extremely important benefits that could come our way…
     If you are interested, please send us a message or come talk to us at the June 18th swim.
     - John"

From Monday June 13:

     "Good morning everyone.
     Don’t trust Google maps when trying to get to CottonTail Corner. It leads you to the locked gate at the top of the cliff, and across the field.
     If you take a look at the map here, keep driving on the green road, and don’t turn off it. Go right down to Prospectors Point, park and walk upstream."
May be an image of road

From Monday June 13:
     "Afternoon everyone!
     The landowners will have a professional trail maker on the property to blaze a new trail over some of the spots that are getting hazardous. This will occur sometime over the next few weeks. Please be aware of this when hiking.
     Also, there will be signs installed at the beginning, midpoint, beach and at the end of CottonTail Corner.
     Beginning sign: Entry to CottonTail Corner Naturist Beach permitted. Please remained clothed until you are on the beach.
     Middle sign: Just a reminder sign to remain clothed on the trail.
     Beach sign: Welcome to CottonTail Corner. Beyond this point you will encounter nude sunbathers.
     End sign: No nudity beyond this point. (This will be on a section of the bank a bit further upstream. The landowner has requested this as they will be setting up trailers for their kids and grandkids for camping. It is a fair request on their part and we request everyone respect it.
     To say it has taken a fair amount of negotiations to get to this point would be an understatement.
     It only takes a few people to ruin it for everyone. We now have 6 volunteers who are at the beach frequently and will be documenting and reporting any lewd activity. This will then be passed on to the RCMP."

  • Swims (by Fred, edited by Eric)

For naked swims, we do have a connection with John at the Cottontail Corner website and Facebook page as listed in “Contact Info”. Go there for current information. As of now Cottontail has the following date for nude swimming Swims: July 16, 2022, and August 20, 2022. Naked swims in Edmonton are typically held at the Hardisty Pool from 7 to 9 pm. Cost is $15/person. Tickets are available at the door, or “purchased by sending $15/person to along with your names and transfer password.” (From their Facebook page)

  • Other Events (by Eric)

CottonTail Corner also advertises and hosts other events, posted on their Facebook page. These include:
          Nude Camping July 8-10 (Registration closed)
          Nude Archery Saturday July 9 (Cancelled)
          Nude Spa Night Saturday 30 July
Other, past, events (that I know of) have included Nude Scuba lessons, Nude Arcade night, and Nude Yoga. All their events are co-ed. 

  1. Nude Camping: The deadline to join was June 30.
  2. Nude Archery: Cancelled due to lack of people registered. May come back in the future.
  3. Nude Spa Night: Facebook event:  
    "Join CottonTail Corner at Hot Stone Spa located at 13075 156 Street NW on July 30 from 7-9 pm for a Nude Spa Night!
         Two amazing hot saunas and steam rooms, across two floors, conversation areas, with snacks and herbal tea to help you relax.
         This event is limited to 20 people only.
         Tickets can be purchased by sending $25/adult to along with your names and transfer password.
         This is a great event for first time naturists/nudists to try out. Dip your toes into social nudity before coming to our larger nude swims!" 

C) Lazy M Lodge

  • BNBC Weekend (by Fred)
At Lazy M Lodge, there is 1 date left to note for 2022: October 28-30. Google LazyMLodge for their webpage. If you have never been there before, most guys arrive by their own vehicle sometime on Friday afternoon (I immediately get into the hot tub to relax after the drive of more than 3 hours). The evening meal is on the table about 7 pm. On Saturday, brunch is about 11 am and then the evening meal is the same as Friday. On Sunday, brunch is about 11 am. After brunch guys start to depart with everybody gone by mid-afternoon. There is no evening meal. The food is GREAT.  The Lodge décor is rustic. The beds and bathrooms are excellent. Free WIFI. You have the option of bringing your own RV, trailer, or your own tent so you do not pay for a room rental on top of the meal charge.  Anyone interested in carpooling, do give me a call. Into the future, I will be driving a Mercury Grand Marquis that is old enough that it is large like a limo.
  • Other Weekend Events (via email from Lazy M Lodge Hosts Randy & Marcel)
"This summer....
   We are the ' Host location only, ' please book with the event you want to attend. 

  July 15-17. Adult Only Summer Camp
Follow:  BadAss Buddhas, -summer-camp-tickets 

   July 22-24  FAB  Great Canadian Bear Campout

  Aug 5-7   Wruffinit Summer camp

  Aug 19-21  Kink Kamp 

Your Hosts: Randy McGhee [&] Marcel Gour. 1-866-382-5299"
D) World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Edmonton (by Eric)
  • According to their Facebook page (, WNBR will be happening on Saturday July 23 starting at Light Horse Park. Body Paint & Meet at. 11 am, ride a leisurely 17 km starting at 1 pm, food and drinks on Whyte at 4 pm (I believe this last is clothing required). 
  • Also posted on the WNBR page is the following on the topic of the petition (mentioned at the start of this newsletter):
         "Nonsexual public nudity in Canada is punishable by up to two years in prison or a $5000 fine under the existing criminal code.
         A federal petition was created this month to repeal the criminal code (section 174) to make nonsexual public nudity legal, stating in part:
         - Nudity is not intrinsically sexual, indecent, or obscene;
         - The existing prohibition on public nudity harms society by reinforcing the notion that the human body is inherently shameful;
         - Public nudity per se was not historically an offence at common law, nor under the Criminal Code until 1954.
         If you would like to sign the petition (e-3999), please use this link before September 8th 2022.
         Local news coverage: 
         CottonTail Corner Facebook Page also had this link to a Twitter post on the petition:

E) Other Nudist Events & Places (by Eric)

The following information came across my Facebook feed. I personally have not checked them out beyond their websites listed below. Any feedback on them would be appreciated. Please email Fred at the BNBC email in the contact information, or talk to Fred or my self (Eric) if you see us at one of the events (e.g. at Fred's place or swims). 

  • Campino Natural - Adult Nudist Camping ( From their website: 

         "Campino Natural is an exclusive Nude Day Retreat or Camping Experience just minutes from the City of Edmonton. If you enjoy the freedom of being Nude or would like to experience the freedom of being one with nature in a secure, non-judgemental environment, you have found the right place.  Wether you are a Seasoned Nudist or you are just wanting to give it a Try……..

         We are pleased to offer a peaceful, resort-like atmosphere at our adults only (25+) property.  This tranquil  day time experience or dry camping (no hook-ups) experience is unlike any other in the Province of Alberta.

         Campino Natural welcomes singles and couples of all orientations to our paradise, we commonly call our ‘lil’ spot.   With many years on this piece of land,  We have worked hard to build a non-discriminatory environment in order to allow all to enjoy what comes naturally.

         Be sure that  Individuals who disrupt the peace and enjoyment of others, in any way, are not tolerated at Campino Natural."

  • Get Naked Banff ( has a Naked Day Event on Saturday July 23 (alternate date Sunday July 24) in Lake Louise. For more information check out their website. From their  website:

         "Created to reconnect Canadians with nature and inspired by Naked Hiking Day, GET NAKED BANFF! strives to bring unique and amazing opportunities to Canadians who prefer to enjoy nature the most natural way. What better place than the crown jewel of Canada's national park system?

    ‚Äč     GET NAKED BANFF! promotes nude recreation by openly hosting clothing-optional recreational activities in amazingly beautiful locations. Skinny dipping is empowering, natural, and practiced by countless Canadians every single year. It's a completely normal form of recreation, its boring to watch, and we don't believe it needs to be hidden away in undesirable swimming holes."
  • Eagle Creek Campground & Event Centre ( or

    [I (Eric) was at their site this past July long weekend (hence the slightly late newsletter). They are talking about adding a nudist camping area to their site in the future (how near I am not too sure), which is why I am adding some of their information to the newsletter. Although they advertise as a Gay campground, straight (LGBTQ+ friendly) people are also welcome.]

    "Eagle Creek Campground & Event Centre is a gay space!
    Our community is made up of amazing permanent site tenants along with members that join us for shorter stays. Membership is required to access the property and is open to anyone over the age of 18." (from their website
    "Eagle Creek is a private membership based, recreational campground open to the LGBTQ+ community! Offering seasonal sites and short stay accommodations to city escape focused friends. That’s right! Alberta has a gay campground!"  (from Facebook)

    Events (full list from their website:  
    • Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday July 16
    • Totally Gay Eighties Party: Saturday July 30
    • Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday August 13
    • Fireside Fetish - Camping Weekend: August 26-28
    • Labour Gay Weekend Party: Saturday September 3
    • Full Moon Monthly Bonfire: Saturday September 10


F) Services / Classifieds 

  • Massage Therapist (by Fred)

In the past, BNBC had a relationship with a massage therapist and then something went astray with Covid or whatever. We are now restarting with Raulywellness, who offers draped and undraped massage at different rates which can be found on his website at He also provides student rates for students enrolled in school. He specializes in relaxation, therapeutic deep tissue massage and more. Also, he now offers personal steam treatment which is separate from massage and must be booked at separate times on his website. All bookings must be made at least 24 hours beforehand and not at the last minute. He is licensed and has 3000 hours of training. He is of Caribbean decent and a member of the LGBTQ community.  Clients can book appointments through his website and if they have any trouble, you can text or call him at 780 217 5603 or use email at His address is in northeast Edmonton, a few blocks from the Commonwealth Stadium.

  • Room for Rent in Edmonton (by Eric)

    With my renovations almost complete, I have a room available to rent in my house. It is semi-furnished. There are 3 others living in the house (myself and two other men, both accept my nudism, though do not partake). My house is in the Ottewell neighbourhood of Edmonton. Email me for more information: 

G) Fred’s Update / Information

  • DIRECTIONS TO MY ACREAGE (by Fred, photo & link added by Eric)

A couple of addresses that Google Maps should respond to is my Municipal Address is 194057A TWP RD 553. My legal land description is NW-17-55-19-4. Google does not recognize either address. The fact that my Postal Box number is 553 has no connection to my Municipal address. Therefore, find Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Then, go east on Highway 15 towards Lamont. When you are getting close to Lamont, you will see a huge Pioneer Grain Elevator to your left. Now looking further east down the road you will see a sign for an ESSO gas station that is at the side of the highway. Now pretend that you are in position to fill up your car with gas or if you need gas then do pull in and fill up. Look around, if you see residential houses across the highway and the train tracks, you are looking north. Now if you look south,  you will be looking at my house. There are no other houses near my house.  

[By Eric] Link (should work for both Google and Apple maps): 53°45'34.7"N 112°47'39.0"W
Photo to help: